The idyllic capitol city of the Avalon Territory.


The city of Avalon's Shadow hides in the shadows of the massive Avalon dam. The dam was a former human inhabitation long ago, but has long been abandoned since the humans disappeared. The city itself is bordered on the East by the Mund river and surrounded by forests to the North, South and West. The easiest way into Avalon's Shadow is by air, the only other way is by foot, and that's trekking through the surrounding forests to reach the city.


Avalon's Shadow is home to a main runway of 12,100 ft, with many auxiliary runways scattered throughout the city. Around the main runway is Edge of Space, the city's main bar and some minor lodging mixed in with the bar. There is also various other shops, Rex's repair shop is also located along the main runway on the south side taxiways. The hangars of the residents are scattered around the main runway and the other smaller runways in the city. It does take a considerable amount of time to get from one place to another in Avalon's Shadow if you are not a plane pony.