Baracuda Drone 0-7 / "Cuda"Edit


The Reference Sheet for The Drone.

Name: Oh Seven

Nicknames: Cuda Model: Baracuda Drone

Location: Flankfurt, Germaneigh

Story LineEdit

Cuda was suddenly just appearing in the Maintenance Hangar. The Machine spat her out like every drone before, though she was smaller, and seemed to be "broken". After her waking up and showing that she "feels" and "wants to live" Alex, the Mechanic sends her off to the Hangar B-2 with an escort. There she met the Mechanic Emily who now takes care of her. Shortly after, Emily sends Cuda for a test flight. It not take long for the little drone to fall out of the skies and crash on the ground. After searching for the body with two Reaper Drones, the lifeless body was brought home, back to the hangar.

Emily promised Cuda to fullfill her wish to make her seem like a normal Pony.

Cudas' Dome was replaced and Mane and Tail was added. A Custom Flightsuit for her was made by the Psychotic Leader of the Air Base. Lumyia Starwing.

Lumyia saw potential in the Drone and her Mechanic and them on a flight to Avalon's Shadow, where they are now staying until Lumyia finishes her job.


Cuda is Bubbly and curious. She questions alot around Emily. She is not very social to others and stays often quiet. She has a few promblems with her voice glitching now and then due the crash. She seems very dreamy around others. Mostly amazed by the outside of the Hangar.