Airbus A350-800 Pony

Line Number 546


Mother: Belu - Airbus A300-600ST "Super Transport"

Father: Skipper - A330-313X

Callsign: Garuda 8492

Art done by JH


Belle's History Edit

Belle was born to an A330 and a Super Transport and was highly experimental as a foal. As she grew up, she took a prominent position at Garuda Air. Most of her history is unwritten thus far. She received her stall training from a DC-8 named Smokey. As of the current arc, she and Ark spent a week's time at Avalon while a new control interface was added for Ark to control her during emergencies from the Global Express (GLEX). It is similar to Morgan and Rex's COFFIN system, but not as advanced, where Rex and Morgan can see deeper, Ark has basic control of her control surfaces and engines. When it comes to Landing in an emergent situation, Ark can only align her to the runway, Belle herself has to land and brake of her own volition. During the Changeling invasion of Avalon, Ark had Belle modified to handle Aerial Refueling. Belle was caught by a suprise attack by the changeling force and was subsequently shot down over Avalon airspace. She is survived by Ark as well as Aurora.

Belle's Personality Edit

Belle is a bubbly, albeit possessive plane pony. Her personality tends to be very approachable, very friendly, though she can be tough to handle. She enjoys the company of her pilot, Ark, whom she was just recently assigned to. She's got many hours of experience as a commercial aircraft.