Model Grunder Industries ADF-01
Gender Male
Age 6 months
Colours Copper, black
Eye Colour Green (holographic projected eyes)

Falken's HistoryEdit

Falken was made as younger brother for Morgan by Rex. Thus making him the second child and baby of Rex and Thunderbolt's family. Though Falken is approximately 6 months old due to his creation date, he has the intelligence and demeanor of a pony that's much older. He still tends to act very childish at times due to him being so young.

Falken's PersonalityEdit

Falken is incredibly intelligent, as he is constantly reading or asking questions that Rex does not have the answer for. He is also very shy and self conscious due to his design, which lacks physical eyes compared to the other ponies. Though he does have projected eyes that hide the optical sensors that allow him to see, he still worries about the projections failing and everypony staring at him.


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