Lakefront city.

Hornet LocaleEdit

This city sits next to a massive lake. It's a major city for naval aviation ponies. Bright and sunny it's a popular vacation city for plane ponies and regular ponies alike. Though each species tends to stick to their own section of the city. Hornet's lake is also home to a small island almost in the dead center of the lake. That island just so happens to be Sand Island, home of the Sand Island Squadron. Other than the beaches and warm climate of Hornet, there's not much to note.

Hornet's AmenitiesEdit

Hornet has a 15000ft runway with a few auxiliary runways in the city. Since there is a lake nearby Amphibious ponies can land in the lake instead of the runways which can be crowded with ponies departing and arriving. There is one repair facility in Hornet, and lots of trinket shops and various other things that attract tourists like flies. Though most of that merchandise is geared towards the smaller ponies. The residents of Hornet live away from the runways shops and hotels that make the main part of the city, being removed from the noise and silly pranks is preferred to having your hangar vandalized by a bunch of Tomcats on leave or Sea Flankers with weekend passes.