Jägerin,s historyEdit

Jägerin is a BF109 born in 1942 as an experimental weapons program to create soldiers that would not only wrest control of the skies but not only the skies but the ground as well. She was born with others including a sister, their creator was an unknown Nazi scientist, who was loyal to the Reich but his loyalty quickly faded as he found out that his creation of organic machine lifeforms was not considered special, but cannon fodder. He then opened a portal and let his creations flood the world of the cake kingdom, a kingdom on the other side of  the side of the world from equestria. Jägerin then escaped with his twin sister Struzflug(who is a stuka) and they have been wondering the planet in search of there creator and true purpose( as much of there memory took a hit when they walked through the portal)She then became mercenary along with her sister, fighting for the highest bidder, in turn upgrading her self with better equipment over the years to stay in the game. She currently lives in a hanger provided by the local prince and work for a wealthy contractor who provides most of her jobs.

Jägerin,s Personality 

She is a mother of 4 and she's very protective of her kids, she is outgoing, but on guard when it comes to strangers and doesn't get too mad easily, but she tends to have quite a temper when she is being quite aggressive and means. When you get to know Jägerin, she can very chatty, she's loyal to her contracts and her allies. Almost never abandoning them, but she's also not afraid to criticise her loved ones on choices they make, such as doing drugs or not making good on promises. She is attractive, but around nonloved ones or strangers, she can get uncomfortable, but with some encouragement from a loved one she can be persuaded to be more confident of her body. She can be too loyal sometimes however and she like all others isn't without her problems. She can be loyal to too many loved ones, but she also has issues with whats socially acceptable, sometimes being the awkward one in a conversation.  She,s smart in some subjects, but she can also be ignorant compared to subjects that have nothing to do with her line of work or public affairs. She has a decent sense of humor but she mostly has a dark sense of humor.  

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Jägerin as seen when she was younger and in a different camouflage from her modern version