Model Lockheed Martin F-35B
Gender Male
Colours Grey
Eye Colour Green

Lightning's historyEdit

Lightning is the baby of his immediate family. He's also the one who has the most problems with his power plant and control surfaces. Almost all of his problems are due to his design and VTOL capability. After living with his sister, Raptor, for a while, he gets fed up with the crap she gives him and he moves out and joins the other two VTOL ponies in Avalon's Shadow. Sergei and Sasha. Lightning eventually marries Sasha and then has a child with her, the foal's name being Lilya.

Lightning's personalityEdit

For being a major mess, he's really outgoing, makes friends rather easily, though he can be reserved and not confident about his own abilities. He can be over cautious when it comes to normal situations that are easily solved, but that's due to his VTOL nature.


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