Yakovlev Yak-1 Pony.

Nicknames: White Rose/Lily

Litvyak's HistoryEdit

Litvyak is two years younger than Patches, and born to a large family of Yak-1 fighters. She would have preferred to have been an aerobatics performer, but due to the circumstances around, she became a fighter and used that to perfect her aerobatics skills, which earned her a few nicknames based on her skills, such as White Lily, White Rose (bad translation of her original nickname) and Ballerina. She was shot down, but survived with damage located solely in her right wing, leaving her grounded for the next 60+ years until she arrives in Avalon's Shadow and Rex repairs the damage to her wing. After searching for Patches for the same amount of time as Patches was looking for her, the sisters in arms finally meet again thanks to Rex.

Litvyak's PersonalityEdit

Litvyak is incredibly stubborn, preferring to do things her own way unless advised by Patches on what to do. She does have a softer side, that only Patches gets to see, as she is the only one that means the world to Litvyak. Though she does take pride in her skill, she can be a little apprehensive from having been on the ground for so long.