Model Grunder Industries ADFX-02
Gender Female
Age 5
Colours White, black with red right wing
Eye Colour Blue

Morgan's HistoryEdit

Morgan was built approximately three years after Rex arrived in Avalon's Shadow. Morgan is approximately five years old, and has one younger brother, Falken. Parents consisting of Rex and Thunderbolt, with two A-1 Sky raiders as grandparents along with a B-17F as a paternal grandmother.

Her PersonalityEdit

Morgan is typically a very energetic and curious young mare, and if it weren't for her father's guidance, that curiosity would have gotten her into some very precarious situations. Though typically carefree, when her family is involved she can be deathly serious, as a certain incident with a PAK-FA proved that her mean side is something to be reckoned with.

Morgan also has an inherent distrust of humans due to what Rex has shared with her about his past.


Offensively Morgan has a 30mm revolver cannon in her nose, is capable of carrying the AIM-9 series of AA missiles (most commonly AIM-9X), carries two MPBMs (Hyperstene) otherwise known as Multi-purpose Burst missiles as another missile slung under her wings, and on her back Morgan carries a TLS [(Tactical Laser System) Zoisite] capable of firing a laser for 12 seconds with the capacity of eight charges on the TLS.

Defensively Morgan has an active ECM shield system codenamed Morganite that protects her from incoming missiles and gunfire.


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