Northrup Grumman YF-23 pony

Nora's HistoryEdit

Nora's background isn't the most glamorous or friendly, but it's what made her who she is. Born approximately the same time as Raptor and competing for the same contract as the Lockheed family, but failed to get the contract for the Grumman family. Having lost the competition for the contract, Nora's own family abandoned her in Edwards, the city where the competition was being held, indefinitely. Nora's only friend during most of her time in Edwards was Glamorous Glennis, a Bell X-1. Constantly wracked with depression caused by her abandonment, when Lightning shows up with teething problems and befriends Nora, she becomes more outgoing and changes her outlook on life. She currently resides in Avalon's Shadow with Raptor and Raptor's elder brother Mobius. Though she is Raptor's significant other, the two of them clash frequently and Nora's family is a cause of distress for both of them.

Nora's PersonalityEdit

Nora is very sensitive towards her past, and angers easily if it is brought up. She has learned to be very kind, trusting and compassionate about those around her due to the lack from her own family who left her for dead. Though she now rarely struggles with bouts of depression, if an event triggers it she sometimes can stay in that state for a very long time until somepony talks her out of that state.