Patches (44-6719)
Model Boeing B-17F
Gender Female
Colours polished Aluminum
Eye Colour Blue

Patches' HistoryEdit

Born in Celone as 44-6719, Patches has had a very difficult life. She was born with one purpose, and that was to destroy. Which was something she did not want to do. Of the entire 44-67 family the two that were closest to her were 44-6715 and 44-6721. Her brothers are what got her through the conflict that seemed poised to take her life. Though the war that she participated in wiped her family out, she survived and then dedicated herself to helping ponies. Patches still waits for the day that one of her friends who has gone missing in in the conflict that wiped her family out will return.

Patches' PersonalityEdit

Patches is a very kindhearted and caring pony. Since she had to go and fight against her will, she no longer wants to harm anypony. She is very motherly and wants to take care of those who are younger than her.

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