Model Lockheed Martin F-22
Gender Female
Colours Grey, copper
Eye Colour Purple

Raptor's backgroundEdit

Raptor has two brothers and she is the middle child. Her elder brother Mobius is another F-22 and her younger brother Lightning is a F-35B. Being the middle child she always tries for attention of those around her. The Lockheed family is a rather backwards and cumbersome group to get along with that prides achievement over everything else. Which Raptor has failed to do since winning a contract that keeps the Lockheed family making money.

Raptor's PersonalityEdit

She is very self centered and has a very difficult time understanding how others feel. She seeks attention in any way possible, even if it makes her lose friends along the way. She does have the capacity to care for others, but in how she treated her little brother it doesn't go very well, as she drove him away with her own self centered nature. Raptor is very easily upset when things don't go her way, and when she hurts the ones she loves she has a tendency to break down into tears.


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