Yakovlev Yak-141 Pony

Sasha's HistoryEdit

Sasha has one brother, Sergei a Yak-38. Sasha is one of those ponies who was completely down on their luck and hoping for someone to come along and help change that luck. As it would turn out, after finding that there was a mechanic that would take on nearly any task or job in Avalon's Shadow, Sasha and her brother rushed there as quickly as possible. Sasha was a complete mess, her airframe bent, and turbines in need of a major overhaul. Rex took on the task repairing her to full flight capabilities. Even repairing her VTOL capabilities long after Sasha thought they were inoperable. She is currently married to Lightning, and is expecting a child. The child being Lilya, another Yak-141.

Sasha's PersonalityEdit

Sasha is kind, and caring. Though English isn't her first language, she's been getting better at it slowly and broken from the pattern that she used to share with her brother of one of them speaking then the other would carry on. She is generally friendly and helpful, though when she's cross she isn't the pony you want to be around due to the fact that she'll work you worse than a prisoner in a Siberian Gulag.