Yakovlev Yak-38 pony

Sergei's HistoryEdit

Sergei is Sasha's brother, and for what was a very long time Sasha's caretaker. Sergei used to do some naval aviation work for nations that could afford his costs, but after his sister was injured in a minor crash his sole job became to work to make sure she was taken care of. Sometimes at the cost to his own health. Sergei drank heavily and still does, but then again so does Sasha. He was responsible for getting Sasha to Rex in Avalon's Shadow. Though both he and Sasha used to talk one after another, after Sasha fell in love with Lightning that habit of theirs went out the window. with Lilya on the way Sergei is a very proud uncle, though still very drunk and smells heavily of vodka.

Sergei's PersonalityEdit

Sergei is very intelligent, and prefers to think things out. Though when he thinks things out he's usually half drunk and ends up having to write down the ideas or he forgets what he was thinking about because well he went to blackout drunk. Sergei can be very protective, caring when it comes to his sister, otherwise he is usually making jokes at your expense or finding someway to insult you. He's only drunk about 25% of the time.