Model Fairchild-Republic A-10
Gender Female
Colours Grey
Eye Colour Green

Thunderbolt's HistoryEdit

One of two sisters born to Skye and Raider, both A-1's Sky raiders. Her family is rather old fashioned in how they see things as they would have preferred her to marry another ground attack pony instead of who would become an Experimental fighter. Didn't help her parents that she's highly stubborn and she married Rex anyways despite the fact that he already had Morgan with him at the time. She adopted Morgan as her own, and cares about Morgan and Falken very much.

Thunderbolt's PersonalityEdit

She's not the type of mare you want to piss off. Armed with a 30mm GAU 8 Gatling cannon, when angered she's not afraid to use that cannon to her advantage, and has done so on an unfortunate AV-8 Harrier. Thunderbolt does have an incredibly nurturing and caring nature despite her stubborn side, and that shows with her care for Rex and their kids.


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